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Make this Love Button Crochet Hat with Vanna’s Choice! Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me!

A lot of women’s interest in knitting models this time for male babies comes to the agenda with the construction of horse vest. From the past to the present, multiple knitting models can be fashionable from time to time and are often preferred during that period.

So much so that knitting models are also highly likely to be called timeless fashion. Although ready-made clothes are taken for the babies to be born before or after the babies are born, it is more enjoyable to prepare clothes for them with knitting work. Ata vest construction also comes across as an example of knitting models.

Ata Vest Construction
2 Age period is a period when children begin to make their own decisions and even when children are intervened in this issue, 2 syndrome begins to manifest itself. In order for 2-year-olds to be able to make their own decisions, it is often necessary to ask them for their own ideas or to direct the children according to their own ideas.

The children open their closet and choose which of their clothes to wear. Especially during winter or when the weather is cold, our children will prepare for them to stay warm in the construction of an ancestral vest.

While protecting our children from the cold in this way, the inclusion of various accessories on the model can also be important details of the interest of children and the child may be directed towards the vest you knit in the outfit he will choose to wear.

1 medium-thickness wool or ata vest rope, accessory buttons, chain and emblem, 3 and 4 size skewers are the preparations to be made for ata vest. 1 reverse and 1 straight knit up to the beginning of the row. The second row should be knitted flat. The third row is again knitted as 1 reverse 1 straight. That’s how it goes until arm play.

Then the arm gamut is left. 4 harosha are knitted and 2 loops are cut. When cutting to the left, the cut should be straight. A total of 8 loops and 5 harosha. When 34 cm 51 loop is divided into 3ê. In the construction of the Ata vest for the front body starts with 3 loops and 1 row is knitted.

1 loop is knitted 1 loop is thrown. 1 row is knitted while 1 row is increased. After 11 loops, 5 are placed to the right and 5 to the left. In the middle part, the example begins. By adjusting the armpit and neck sections according to the back sample, only the pieces will remain to be joined.

We continue with the indispensable vest models of the winter months, ladies. Again, we are faced with an example of a vest consisting of a very elegant motif. It is an enjoyable and practical model made of 3 sheets that will fascinate you with the image of the Leaf braid baby vest. Another feature of this model is that you will be able to evaluate the model as a cardigan by cutting it short.

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