Teach Kids How To Finger Knit With This Easy Tutorial #fingerknittingprojects ; …

Teach Kids How To Finger Knit With This Easy Tutorial #fingerknittingprojects ; bringen sie kindern bei, wie man mit diesem einfachen tutorial fingerstrick macht ; apprenez aux enfants à tricoter avec ce didacticiel facile

You can make our example of a leaf mesh baby vest for children of all ages. Because of his appearance, we can say that he is better suited to girls. Colors in shades of pink are also used as colors. The Leaf parts of this model are knitted with the reverse and flat knitting technique.

If you do not know about this technique, you can review our site and learn this technique. This example is already a very suitable example for women who are just starting to weave. When you learn the example, you will see that there are different uses and you will have improved your knitting technique.

Let’s talk about the materials to be used before going into narration. For this model, we will need a medium-thickness baby wool, 2.5 number skewers and collar biesi, 3.5 number bottles for robas. If you do not want to elaborate like this, it will be enough to take the number 4 skewers. Color and buttons are up to your taste.

Making Of Leaf Mesh Baby Vest
* First we start by throwing 68 loops.
* We weave 6 rows of rice
* In the first order, we make 5 loop brass braids in the form of 1 Flat, 1 increase, 1 Flat, 1 increase, 2 reverse, 1 flat.
* Finally, we make a 5-loop brass braid edge loop and finish the row.
* When we move to the other line, we continue in the form of 5 loop Brass 2 straight, 1 Boost, 1 reverse.
* Then the edges of the leaves in each straight order 1 ‘ each loop decreased in the middle of the loops increased.
* Arms in the opposite order after cutting the armpits 2 increase the loop.
* 3 times each 4 next to 2 loops I increased in straight order. next, we increase the loop to 1 each.
* Thus our body is enlarged. You can adjust this place to your own size.
· I continued the later rows straight.
* I finished the vest by knitting 6 rows of rice after knitting 1 square.

You can dress your child by choosing your favorite among the gilet models for girls from the children’s clothes that are fashionable every period. Due to the fact that it is a single piece, the gilet models are much preferred by the mothers, so the children can move in a much more comfortable way.

The gilet dress is an ideal gift for your child or loved ones, so you won’t have to spend hours choosing clothes. Baby gilet models, produced not only for children but also for babies, will continue to trend this fall. It is possible to wear it in any environment as the razor that is worn to babies or children allows for more comfortable movement. Children or babies wearing gilet dresses at school, when they go shopping, while playing will also be positive for their healthy development.

Children won’t get cold thanks to knitting razors

Because gilet dresses are thin, your concerns about your child’s health are ending. This year’s cold days will be in fashion thanks to knitting gilet dress models, your child will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. Knitting gilet models, which can be used in the winter months without any problems, are among the clothes that should be kept in children’s cupboards.

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